Season 2019: five new teams in, classification games out

Season 2019: five new teams in, classification games out

European Women`s Basketball league (EWBL) held its annual technical meeting on Sunday, July 22, in Minsk, Belarus.

The hosts – Tsmoki Minsk and Horizont Minsk region – welcomed the participants from Slovakia, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Czech Republic.

Once again, 16 teams from 10 countries – Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden – will compete for the EWBL title.

There are five new teams from four countries:

Basket Žabiny Brno (Czech Republic);

Sportovni Basketbalova Škola Ostrava (Czech Republic);

PINKK Pecsi 424 (Hungary);

CTO Amsterdam Vrouwenbasketball (Netherlands);

BC Rostov-Don (Russia).


Another five teams – Astana Tigers (Kazakhstan), Horizont Minsk (Belarus), Kibirkštis Vilnius (Lithuania), Tsmoki Minsk (Belarus) and TTT Rīga (Latvia) will play the fourth consecutive season.

Two time champions Good Angels Košice (Slovakia) will be represented by the Young Angels Košice. Dynamo Moscow will play a third year in a row, while Pieštanske Čajky (Slovakia), Udominate Basket and Lulea Basket (both Sweden) return for a second campaign.

The 16th team will be announced soon.


All teams are split in two groups:

Group A: Young Angels (#1), Udominate Basket (#4), Tsmoki Minsk, SBŠ Ostrava (NEW), Astana Tigers, PINKK Pecsi 424 (NEW), Rostov-Don (NEW), +1 team.

Group B: TTT Rīga (#2), Dynamo Moscow (#3), Lulea Basket, Pieštanske Čajky, Kibirkštis Vilnius, Horizont Minsk, Basket Žabiny Brno (NEW), CTO Amsterdam Vrouwenbasketball (NEW).


The regular season will start on October 3, 2018 and finish on January 7, 2019. All teams will play seven games in their respective groups, attending three stages:

Stage 1: October 3-14;

Stage 2: December 1-9;

Stage 3: January 5-13.


The four best teams from each group will qualify for the playoffs (two games – home and away; the highest seeded team will play the second game at home):

A1 – B4

A2 – B3

A3 – B2

A4 – B1


The winners of the playoffs will qualify for the Final Four (March 16-17, 2019).

Unlike previous year, there are no classification games for the 9th-16th place.

We will present the new teams one by one. The release of full schedule is expected the next week – after confirmation of the 16th team.

The current schedule propose to organise the games in 7 countries and at least 10 cities, including

Riga and Daugavpils (Latvia);

Minsk (Belarus);

Brno and Ostrava (Czech Republic);

Rostov (Russia);

Košice and Pieštany (Slovakia);

Lulea (Sweden);

Vilnius (Lithuania).

Our geography

EWBL member countries so far: Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, Turkey.

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