Preparation underway for 2021 season

Preparation underway for 2021 season

European Women`s basketball league (EWBL) has started the preparations for season 2020/2021.

We have contacted all 16 teams from the previous season. Most of them confirmed their wish to participate in the next season too.

We are open for new applications too, including the teams from Sweden, Finland, Serbia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, United Kingdom and so on.

We are optimistic about the new season and ready for different formats, including 16 teams or less. It`s nothing new – we launched the first season with eight teams, and welcomed the second season with 12 teams to enlarge the league later.

We confirm – the 2020/2021 season will take place. We have the dates in place for the regular season, the playoffs and the Final Four.

The safety and health of the players is our priority – we are ready for calendar and timing changes if necessary.

EWBL wish you a good health and a great summer!