Official: 16 teams confirmed for 2019/2020 season

Official: 16 teams confirmed for 2019/2020 season

Sixteen teams from nine countries will play in the fifth season of the European Women`s Basketball league as of Thursday, August 22. The first stage will take place on October 1-13 at Brno, Rostov on Don, Riga or Liepāja and Košice, while the Final Four is scheduled on March 21-22, 2020.

The league has added two new teams from Russia.

Dynamo Novosibirsk is a famous club from Siberia, founded in 1955 as Burevestnik Novosibirsk. Liliana Ronchetti cup winner in 1986, EuroLeague finalist in 1987 and 1988 last season finished eighth in the Russian Premier League and qualified for the playoffs.

Nika Syktyvkar – just like Rostov Don SFEDU – plays in SuperLeague One or Russian second division. Club from Komi Republic earned a 20-20 record and finished in the fifth place.

Liepāja/LSSS (Liepāja Sports School) returns to competition after a one year break, replacing EWBL champions TTT Rīga. Latvian champions have secured a place in the EuroLeague Women regular season and will focus on premier European club competition.

Meanwhile, Lulea Basket and A3 Basket Umea from Sweden will compete at the EuroCup Women.


EWBL teams 2019/2020

Belarus: Horizont Minsk, Tsmoki Minsk, Olimpia Grodno

Czech Republic: Basket Zabiny Brno, SBŠ Ostrava

Hungary: PINKK Pecsi 424

Kazakhstan: Astana Tigers (Nursultan)

Latvia: Liepāja/LSSS

Lithuania: Kibirkštis Vilnius

Netherlands: Orange Lions (former Amsterdam Angels)

Russia: Dynamo Moscow, Rostov Don SFEDU, Nika Syktyvkar, Dynamo Novosibirsk

Slovakia: Piestanske Cajky, Young Angels Košice


Upcoming season will feature Belarus, Kazakhstan and SuperLeague One champions, as well as Belarus, Czech and Slovak vice-champions. Brno, Košice, Dynamo Moscow and Dynamo Novosibirsk have impressive record in European club competitions.


Team results

Tsmoki Minsk: Belarus champions

Olimpia Grodno: Belarus vice-champions

Horizont Minsk: third place


Basket Zabiny Brno: Czech vice-champions, third place in the regular season

SBŠ Ostrava: ninth place in the ŽBL regular season

PINKK Pecsi 424: eleventh place in Hungary

Astana Tigers: Kazakhstan champions


Liepāja/LSSS: third place in Latvia

Kibirkštis Vilnius: won the first place in Moteru Lyga regular season, lost in semifinals to Ukmerge

Orange Lions: didn`t played in Eredivisie

Piestanske Cajky: Slovak Extraliga vice-champions

Young Angels Košice: second place in the Extraliga regular season, lost in semifinals to Pieštany


Dynamo Novosibirsk: eighth place at the Premier League, qualified for the playoffs

Dynamo Moscow: tenth place at the Premier League

Rostov Don SFEDU: SuperLeague One champions

Nika Syktyvkar: fifth place at the SuperLeague One regular season


Technical meeting took place on Saturday, June 29, at Ģertrūde Rixwell hotel in Riga, Latvia. The teams were split in two groups according to previous results.

Group A: Liepāja/LSSS (1; replaces TTT on August 21), Basket Žabiny Brno (2), Pieštanske Cajky (3), Dynamo Moscow (4), Orange Lions (5), Horizont Minsk (6), PINKK Pecsi (7), Nika Syktyvkar (8).

Group B: Tsmoki Minsk (1), Rostov Don SFEDU (2), Olimpia Grodno (3), Young Angels Košice (4), Astana Tigers (5), SBŠ Ostrava (6), Kibirkštis Vilnius (7), Dynamo Novosibirsk (8).


SCHEDULE (arrival day included)

First stage

October 1-4, Liepāja: Liepāja/LSSS, Orange Lions, Horizont Minsk, PINKK Pecsi 424

October 3-6, Brno: Basket Žabiny Brno, Piestanske Cajky, Dynamo Moscow, Nika Syktyvkar

October 8-11, Rostov on Don: Rostov Don SFEDU, Olimpia, Kibirkštis, Dynamo Novosibirsk

October 10-13, Košice: Tsmoki Minsk, Young Angels, Astana Tigers, SBŠ Ostrava


Second stage

November 22-24, Syktyvkar: Liepāja, Dynamo Moscow, Orange Lions, Nika Syktyvkar

November 29-December 1, Piestany: Žabiny Brno, Pieštanske Cajky, Horizont, PINKK Pecsi 424

December 5-7, Ostrava: Rostov Don, Young Angels, SBŠ Ostrava, Dynamo Novosibirsk

December 6-8, Grodno: Tsmoki Minsk, Olimpia Grodno, Astana Tigers, Kibirkštis


Third stage

January 7-9, Saulkrasti, Latvia: Dynamo Moscow, Horizont, PINKK Pecsi 424, Nika Syktyvkar

January 9-11,Liepāja: Liepāja/LSSS, Žabiny Brno, Pieštanske Cajky, Orange Lions

January 15-17, Novosibirsk: Tsmoki Minsk, Rostov Don, Astana Tigers, Dynamo Novosibirsk

January 17-19, Vilnius: Olimpia Grodno, Young Angels, SBŠ Ostrava, Kibirkštis


Playoffs: January 20 – March 1, 2020; best-of-two

A1 – B4, A2 – B3, B2 – A3, B1 – A4


Final Four: March 21-22


Our geography

EWBL member countries so far: Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, Turkey.

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