No limit on foreign players, 16 teams and a new system

No limit on foreign players, 16 teams and a new system

Representatives from 14 clubs, including three head coaches, attended the 2017/2018 season technical meeting held in Riga on July 18.

Competition system

Sixteen teams (16) from 10 countries will be divided into two groups of eight teams each (A, B). The regular season will be played from September 21 to January 14, 2018. Season will be split in three separate stages (3+2+2 games).

The best four teams from each group will advance to the play-offs (A1-B4, A2-B3, B1-A4, B2-A3). The play-offs will be played from January 15 to March 1, 2018 with two games for each team (home-and-away). The winners will advance to the Final Four.

The Final Four will be played from March 16 to 18, including the arrival day on Friday and two game days on Saturday and Sunday.


No limit on foreign players

Every team may include unlimited number of foreign players in its EEWBL roster, according to the league statutes (4.4). A new regulation will allow every team to field out the best possible roster.

Each club may register one new player after the end of the regular season and until February 28th, 2018.

The official list of players includes up to 20 players. If team does not participate in any of the stages, except force-majeur situations, it will be disqualified.


Geographic rule

If team is located more than 1200 kilometers away from the EEWBL headquarters in Riga (teams from Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Netherlands and Turkey) and qualifies for the playoffs, it may need to cover the expenses for its quarterfinals opponent, if it`s necessary on separate occasions.


EEWBL teams 2017/2018 before the technical meeting (in alphabetic order):

1) Al Riyadi Beirut (Lebanon),

2) Astana Tigers (Kazakhstan),

3) Dynamo Moscow (Russia),

4) Good Angels Košice (Slovakia),

5) Hoptrans Sirenos (Lithuania),

6) Horizont Minsk (Belarus),

7) Kibirkštis Vilnius (Lithuania),

8) Lulea Basket (Sweden),

9) Royal Eagles Apeldoorn (Netherlands),

10) Samsun Canik Belediye (Turkey),

11) Tsmoki Minsk (Belarus),

12) TTT Rīga (Latvia),

13) Udominate Basket (Sweden),

14) Vega 1/Liepāja (Latvia).


Two remaining teams will be announced later this week.

Haskovo 2012 withdrew from competition after the Bulgarian basketball federation put a ban on registering foreign players until 2020.


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