Nika dominate the second half against Dynamo Moscow

Nika dominate the second half against Dynamo Moscow

Nika Syktyvkar used strong second half to beat Dynamo Moscow 91-64 on Sunday, October 6, at Hala Rosnička in Brno, Czech Republic.

Players of the game

Viktoryia Ponamarchuk scored 14 points for the winners, including 5-of-7 shooting inside the three point line and perfect 4-of-4 from the free throw line.

Julia Poluyanova registered double-double. She had 13 points and 10 rebounds for a efficiency rating of 19.

Ekaterina Ryabova posted 13 points, seven rebounds and five assists, while Natallia Dashkevich added 10 points.

Svetlana Tokhtash replied with 15 points and six rebounds. Maria Savina had 10 points.


Key stats

Nika scored more points on fast breaks (16-6) and won the second half by impressive 25 points 50-25.

Syktyvkar team build a two point lead in the first half 41-39.

Nika showed balanced scoring. All 11 players on the court scored, while the starters outscored Dynamo Moscow 46-24.



Group A

Pieštanske Čajky – Dynamo Moscow 63:53

Live stats


Žabiny Brno – Nika Syktyvkar 78:71

Live stats


Nika Syktyvkar – Pieštanske Čajky 53:60



Dynamo Moscow – Žabiny Brno 60:81



Dynamo Moscow – Nika Syktyvkar 64:91



Žabiny Brno – Pieštanske Čajky 71:37



Best players, presented by Helissa Collagen

Pieštanske Čajky: Jessica January

Dynamo Moscow: Polina Fedorova


Dynamo Moscow: Olga Omelchenko

Nika Syktyvkar: Natallia Dashkevich


Pieštanske Čajky: Danielle Hamilton-Carter

Žabiny Brno: Justina Matuzonyte


STANDINGS, as of October 6

Group A

Žabiny Brno 3-0 (+62)

Orange Lions 3-0 (+34)

Horizont Minsk 2-1 (+47)

Pieštanske Čajky 2-1 (-17)

Nika Syktyvkar 1-2 (+13)

Liepāja/LSSS 1-2 (-31)

PINKK Pecsi 0-3 (-50)

Dynamo Moscow 0-3 (-58)


SCHEDULE (arrival day included)

First stage

October 1-4, Liepāja: Liepāja/LSSS, Orange Lions, Horizont Minsk, PINKK Pecsi 424

October 3-6, Brno: Basket Žabiny Brno, Piestanske Cajky, Dynamo Moscow, Nika Syktyvkar

October 8-11, Rostov on Don: Rostov Don SFEDU, Olimpia, Kibirkštis, Dynamo Novosibirsk

October 10-13, Košice: Tsmoki Minsk, Young Angels, Astana Tigers, SBŠ Ostrava


Second stage

November 22-24, Syktyvkar: Liepāja, Dynamo Moscow, Orange Lions, Nika Syktyvkar

November 29-December 1, Piestany: Žabiny Brno, Pieštanske Cajky, Horizont, PINKK Pecsi 424

December 5-7, Ostrava: Rostov Don, Young Angels, SBŠ Ostrava, Dynamo Novosibirsk

December 6-8, Grodno: Tsmoki Minsk, Olimpia Grodno, Astana Tigers, Kibirkštis


Third stage

January 7-9, Saulkrasti, Latvia: Dynamo Moscow, Horizont, PINKK Pecsi 424, Nika Syktyvkar

January 9-11, Liepāja: Liepāja/LSSS, Žabiny Brno, Pieštanske Cajky, Orange Lions

January 15-17, Novosibirsk: Tsmoki Minsk, Rostov Don, Astana Tigers, Dynamo Novosibirsk

January 17-19, Vilnius: Olimpia Grodno, Young Angels, SBŠ Ostrava, Kibirkštis


Playoffs: January 20 – March 1, 2020; best-of-two

A1 – B4, A2 – B3, B2 – A3, B1 – A4

Final Four: March 21-22


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