Moravia showdown: Žabiny Brno vs SBŠ Ostrava

Moravia showdown: Žabiny Brno vs SBŠ Ostrava

We have seen it before. All Slovak derby between Good Angels and Pieštanske Čajky. All Swedish duel between Umea and Lulea. All Latvian battle between Liepāja and TTT Rīga. Czech-in for Moravia showdown!

Quick facts: Moravia is a historical region in the East of the Czech Republic. It`s named after river Morava. It`s well known as the best land route from the Northern European plain to Southern Europe.


Local time: Central European Time 17:00 = Brno 17:00 = Ostrava 17:00 = Pieštany 17:00 = Amsterdam 17:00 = Minsk 19:00 = Rostov on Don 19:00 = Syktyvkar 19:00 = Novosibirsk 23:00

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What`s at stake?

Žabiny Brno eye second consecutive Final Four. Last time out Brno delivered surprise, by beating a higher positioned A3 Basket team from Umea, Sweden 159-143.

SBŠ Ostrava enter the playoffs for the first time. It`s a success story already. Duel against Brno is another chance for North Moravia team.


Road to the playoffs

Undefeated. A perfect 7-0 record. Best defense in competition with only 57.1 points allowed (followed by the Pieštanske Čajky 58.1 and Dynamo Novosibirsk 63.3). Viktor Pruša`s and Jakub Gazda`s team is performing on a high level.

Žabiny posted five double-digit wins – against Dynamo Moscow, Pieštanske Čajky, PINKK Pecsi 424, Liepāja/LSSS and Orange Lions. Brno team came out victorious against Nika Syktyvkar (78-71) and Horizont Minsk (81-72) too.

SBŠ Ostrava impressed too, by scoring four times more wins than last year. Ladislav Pavlat`s team won two out of three games at Košice – over the hosts 64-60 and Astana Tigers 70-58. They lost against EWBL finalist Tsmoki Minsk 52-67.

The home stretch wasn`t that lucky. Ostrava suffered two double-digit losses at the hands of Dynamo Novosibirsk 73-86 and Rostov Don SFEDU 67-82.

Another roller coaster followed soon after. SBŠ Ostrava delivered a heart breaking blow at Kibirkštis MRU 71-69, leaving the hosts out of the playoffs. North Moravia team finished the regular season on a high note, with a 64-61 win over Olimpia Grodno and a 2-0 record in Vilnius!


Domestic competitions

Both opponents are fighting on three different fronts, competing for four titles: Czech championship or Renomia ŽBL, Czech Cup, EWBL and Central European Women`s league (CEWL, managed by ČBF – Czech Basketball federation).

Žabiny Brno have a 6-1 record – with one game left – in the Group B of the C, while SBŠ Ostrava occupy the fourth place with a 1-5 record. Žabiny won at Ostrava on October 23, 2019 (final score 82-73) and also at home on December 15 (88-66). The Frogs lost at Satu Mare, Romania on December 11 (66-75).

Brno has nine wins and six losses in the ŽBL. Žabiny are streaking – they have four consecutive wins since December 14, 2019, including a 59-55 road win over city rivals KP Brno on February 1.

Next games: February 12 (vs Slavia Praha #5), February 14 (at Strakonice #10), February 19 (vs Marburg; CEWL), February 22 (vs Slovanka #9).

SBŠ Ostrava sit in the eighth place with a 4-10 win and loss ratio. Ostrava lost a home clash against Žabiny on November 6 (54-81) and suffered a 65-86 road loss on December 14. Ladislav Pavlat`s team won its last encounter against Slovanka MB on January 26 (71-65).

Next games: February 12 (with Loko Trutnov, #7), February 15 (at KP Brno, #2), February 19 (at Chomutov, #6), February 22 (vs Slavia Praha, #5).

Last but not least – Žabiny Brno won the Czech Cup! Four teams – KP Brno, Sokol Hradec Kralove, Žabiny Brno, Slavia Praha – competed for the trophy on January 25-26, at Kutna Hora.

Brno won the semifinal clash against archrival KP Brno 82-71 and then triumphed in the second overtime over Sokol Hradec Kralove 93-90 (13:21, 34:20, 14:18, 16:18, 6:6, 10:7). What a game!


Schedule (local time only)

(A1) Žabiny Brno – SBŠ Ostrava (B4)

Thursday, February 6, Brno, 17:45

Sunday, February 9, Ostrava, 17:00


(A2) Pieštanske Čajky – Rostov Don SFEDU (B3)

Wednesday, February 26, Rostov on Don, 19:00

Saturday, February 29, Pieštany, 17:00


(A3) Nika Syktyvkar – Tsmoki Minsk (B2)

January 30, game one: 69-75

Wednesday, February 12, Minsk, 17:30


(A4) Orange Lions – Dynamo Novosibirsk (B1)

Wednesday, February 19, Amsterdam, 20:00

Friday, February 21, Amsterdam, 12:00


Semifinal picture

Žabiny Brno/SBŠ Ostrava – Tsmoki Minsk/Nika Syktyvkar

Dynamo Novosibirsk/Orange Lions – Pieštanske Čajky/Rostov Don SFEDU



(A1) Tsmoki Minsk 122-107 Pieštanske Čajky (B4)

(A2) A3 Basket 143-159 Žabiny Brno (B3)

(A3) Rostov Don SFEDU 177-166 Lulea Basket (B2)

(A4) Olimpia Grodno 121-188 TTT Rīga (B1)



(A1) Good Angels 151-107 Pieštanske Čajky (B4)

(A2) Al Riyadi 123-144 Dynamo Moscow (B3)

(A3) Lulea Basket 172-173 Udominate (B2)

(A4) Liepājas Papīrs 108-179 TTT Rīga (B1)


Final Four history

Rīga 2016: TTT Rīga, Basket 90 Gdynia, Astana Tigers, Tsmoki Minsk

Košice 2017: Good Angels Košice, TTT Rīga, Dynamo Moscow, Basket 90 Gdynia

Rīga 2018: Good Angels Košice, TTT Rīga, Dynamo Moscow, Udominate Basket

Rostov on Don 2019: TTT Rīga, Tsmoki Minsk, Rostov Don SFEDU, Žabiny Brno


Final Four experience

Tsmoki Minsk 2016 (first time), 2019

Rostov Don SFEDU 2019 (first time)

Žabiny Brno 2019 (first time)



Playoffs: January 20 – March 1, 2020; best-of-two

A1 – B4, A2 – B3, B2 – A3, B1 – A4

Final Four: March 21-22


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