LIVE TV from Liepāja

LIVE TV from Liepāja

Follow action in Liepāja on Live TV – four games from Friday, January 10 to Saturday, January 11!


Local time: Liepāja 15:30 = Amsterdam 14:30 = Pieštany 14:30 = Brno 14:30 = Central European time 14:30


Friday, January 10 (local time only)

15:30 Orange Lions – Pieštanske Čajky


18:00 Liepāja/LSSS – Žabiny Brno (HD TV)

or YouTube


Saturday, January 11

15:30 Žabiny Brno – Orange Lions


18:00 Liepāja/LSSS – Pieštanske Čajky (HD TV)

or YouTube


Four way tie possible

In theory, four qualified teams – Žabiny Brno, Pieštanske Čajky, Orange Lions and Nika Syktyvkar – may finish with a 5-2 record. A lot may happen in the next four games before we learn the final positioning of the teams.


Current tie-breakers

Žabiny Brno are in a pole position with a 2-0 record and +41 against direct opponents (71:37 vs Čajky, 78:71 vs Nika). The Frogs will face Orange Lions on Saturday which may decide the first place in the group if the Dutch beat Pieštanske Čajky on Friday.

Nika Syktyvkar hold a 1-2 record and -8 against competition (71:78 vs Žabiny, 53:60 vs Čajky, 91:85 vs Orange Lions).

Orange Lions have a 0-1 record, -6 and the most difficult schedule at Liepāja. If they win both remaining games, they will top the Group A.

Pieštanske Čajky have a 1-1 win and loss ratio with -27. There are little chances to take the first place but if they beat the Orange Lions they will almost certainly finish second.

Liepāja has secured the seventh place but with two wins at home may finish in the fifth place.


STANDINGS, as of January 9

Group A

Nika Syktyvkar 5-2 (+86) Qualified

Žabiny Brno 5-0 (+94) Qualified

Pieštanske Čajky 4-1 (+0) Qualified

Orange Lions 4-1 (+42) Qualified

Dynamo Moscow 2-5 (-25)

Horizont Minsk 2-5 (-14)

Liepāja/LSSS 1-4 (-83)

PINKK Pecsi 1-6 (-100)


SCHEDULE (arrival day included)

Third stage

January 7-9, Saulkrasti, Latvia: Dynamo Moscow, Horizont, PINKK Pecsi 424, Nika Syktyvkar

January 9-11,Liepāja: Liepāja/LSSS, Žabiny Brno, Pieštanske Cajky, Orange Lions

January 15-17, Novosibirsk: Tsmoki Minsk, Rostov Don, Astana Tigers, Dynamo Novosibirsk

January 17-19, Vilnius: Olimpia Grodno, Young Angels, SBŠ Ostrava, Kibirkštis


Playoffs: January 20 – March 1, 2020; best-of-two

A1 – B4, A2 – B3, B2 – A3, B1 – A4

Final Four: March 21-22


Our geography

EWBL member countries so far: Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, Turkey.


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