Hamilton Carter lifts Pieštanske Čajky over PINKK Pecsi 424

Hamilton Carter lifts Pieštanske Čajky over PINKK Pecsi 424

Pieštanske Čajky started the home stand with a 62-57 victory over Hungarian rivals PINKK Pecsi 424 on Saturday, November 30, at Diplomat Arena.


Players of the game

Danielle Hamilton Carter almost never missed. She had 20 points on 9-of-10 shooting from the field. Swedish international grabbed nine rebounds and forced six fouls for a efficiency rating of 23.

Jessica January scored 16 points and posted nine rebounds. She filled the stat sheet with four assists, two steals and six forced fouls for a efficiency rating of 15.

Katerina Tetemondova contributed with eight points, four rebounds and three assists.

Shenita Landry led all scorers with 21 points. PINKK Pecsi forward completed double-double with 11 rebounds. She also tied for a game high efficiency rating of 23.

German international Emma Stach scored 14 points on 6-of-13 shooting from the field.


Key stats

Pieštanske Čajky outrebounded PINKK Pecsi 43-36 (offensive rebounds 13-5, second chance points 10-4).

Both teams struggled from the three point land (5/20 vs 3/12).

The game was tied at 47 with 10 minutes left. Jessica January and Danielle Hamilton Carter combined for eight quick points early in the fourth quarter 55-49.

Martina Dovčikova scored a game winning three pointer with 06:39 minutes left 58-51.

Pieštanske Čajky improved to 3-1 and will play for a playoff spot on Sunday.



Group A

Žabiny Brno – Horizont Minsk 81:72

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/5030129/


Pieštanske Čajky – PINKK Pecsi 62:57

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/5030131/


Best players, presented by Helissa Collagen

Žabiny Brno: Michaela Vondračkova

Horizont Minsk: Volha Ziuzkova


Pieštanske Čajky: Danielle Hamilton Carter

PINKK Pecsi 424: Shenita Landry


STANDINGS, as of November 30

Group A

Žabiny Brno 4-0 (+71) Qualified

Orange Lions 4-1 (+42)

Nika Syktyvkar 3-2 (+45)

Pieštanske Čajky 3-1 (-12)

Horizont Minsk 2-2 (+38)

Dynamo Moscow 1-4 (-46)

Liepāja/LSSS 1-4 (-83)

PINKK Pecsi 0-4 (-55)


SCHEDULE (arrival day included)

Second stage

November 22-24, Syktyvkar: Liepāja, Dynamo Moscow, Orange Lions, Nika Syktyvkar

November 29-December 1, Piestany: Žabiny Brno, Pieštanske Cajky, Horizont, PINKK Pecsi 424

December 5-7, Ostrava: Rostov Don, Young Angels, SBŠ Ostrava, Dynamo Novosibirsk

December 6-8, Grodno: Tsmoki Minsk, Olimpia Grodno, Astana Tigers, Kibirkštis


Third stage

January 7-9, Saulkrasti, Latvia: Dynamo Moscow, Horizont, PINKK Pecsi 424, Nika Syktyvkar

January 9-11,Liepāja: Liepāja/LSSS, Žabiny Brno, Pieštanske Cajky, Orange Lions

January 15-17, Novosibirsk: Tsmoki Minsk, Rostov Don, Astana Tigers, Dynamo Novosibirsk

January 17-19, Vilnius: Olimpia Grodno, Young Angels, SBŠ Ostrava, Kibirkštis


Playoffs: January 20 – March 1, 2020; best-of-two

A1 – B4, A2 – B3, B2 – A3, B1 – A4

Final Four: March 21-22


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