Group B: what will happen next?

Group B: what will happen next?

TTT Rīga, Pieštanske Čajky and Udominate Basket have qualified for the playoffs. Tsmoki Minsk, Dynamo Moscow, Hoptrans Sirenos and Samsun Canik will clash for the last remaining spot in Top 8.

TTT Rīga: record 5-0
Latvian champions are in a commanding position in Group B. Martins Zibarts team needs to beat Pieštanske Čajky in order to secure the first place. Second option – beat the Tigers and hope for Udominate victory against Pieštany.

Third option – a minimal loss against Čajky, defeat against Tigers and Udominate win over Slovakians may lead to a highly unlikely three way tie. Current situation: TTT 1-0, +12; Udominate 0-1, -12; Čajky 0-0.

Pieštanske Čajky: record 4-1
Slovak Cup winners haven`t lost a chance to top Group B. They face uphill task – the Čajky need two wins against the heavy-weights from Riga and Umea.

Victory over Udominate will guarantee the second place – and a quarter final meet up with another Swedish team Lulea.

Udominate Basket: record 4-1
The Swedes also have a chance to finish first, however, they need “a little help” from Pieštany and Astana – so it`s unlikely.

Second place finish is much more real – beat the Čajky and voila!

Tsmoki Minsk: record 2-3
The Dragons may reach the fourth place with a win over Dynamo Moscow. The Top 3 spot is out of reach as the Belarus champions lost close encounters against Pieštany (-1) and Udominate (-4).

Saturday clash with Dynamo will be decisive.

Dynamo Moscow: record 2-3
The Blue-Whites still are in a contention for the Top 3 finish thanks to their win over Pieštany (+2). The perfect scenario – two wins over Tsmoki Minsk and Hoptrans Sirenos combined with two Pieštany losses.

Focus on Saturday – the Dragons are in a hunt too.

Hoptrans Sirenos: 1-4
Mantas Šernius team doesn`t hold all the cards. In order to advance, the Sirenos 1) must beat Samsun and Moscow, 2) hope for Moscow`s win against Minsk, 3) hope for a positive three way tie-breaker.

The current situation in a possible three way tie between Moscow, Minsk and Kaunas: Tsmoki 1+0, -6; Sirenos 0-1, -6; Dynamo 0-0.

Samsun Canik: 1-4
The Turkish team hasn`t lost a hope to qualify. The road to the Top 4 finish is following: two wins over Kaunas and Minsk combined with a Tsmoki win against Dynamo Moscow.

If Dynamo Moscow will beat Hoptrans Sirenos, there will be a three way tie-breaker between Samsun, Minsk and Moscow. Samsun Canik will advance thanks to a 2-0 record against its opponents.

Astana Tigers: 1-4
The Kazakhstan champions can`t qualify for the playoffs due to the losses against Dynamo (-29), Sirenos (-19) and Tsmoki (-19).

STANDINGS, as of January 12
Group B

TTT Rīga 5-0 (+100) Qualified
Piestanske Cajky 4-1 (+105) Qualified
Udominate Basket 4-1 (+22) Qualified
Tsmoki Minsk 2-3 (-17)
Dynamo Moscow 2-3 (-18)
Astana Tigers 1-4 (-47)
Hoptrans Sirenos 1-4 (-32)
Samsun Canik 1-4 (-113)

Stage III

January 13-14, Kaunas, Lithuania – Group B
Dynamo Moscow, Hoptrans Sirenos, Samsun Canik, Tsmoki Minsk

January 13-14, Riga, Latvia – Group B
Astana Tigers, Piestanske Cajky, TTT Rīga, Udominate Basket

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