Group A: what will happen next?

Group A: what will happen next?

Good Angels Košice is one win away from the first place finish in Group A. Al Riyadi is also in. Three teams are in a hunt for the two remaining spots in the play-offs.

Good Angels Košice: record 4-0
Slovak giants need to win on Saturday, January 6, to secure the first place in Group A. The Angels have a 3-0 record against the other three playoff contenders from Liepāja, Vilnius and Lulea.

Al Riyadi: record 3-1
The Lebanese are undefeated since September 22, 2017 and still have a chance to top the Group A. All they need to do is to beat the Good Angels and to add a victory over the Royal Eagles.

Al Riyadi is 2-1 against Liepāja, Lulea and Vilnius. A good reason for optimism before the final tests at Košice.

Liepājas Papīrs: record 3-2
Armands Misus team is one win away from the playoffs. A win over the Swedish champions will secure at least the third place in the Group A.

In case of a loss, Liepāja must wait the outcome between Lulea and Vilnius. The hosts enjoy a 1-0, +12 lead in a potential tie-breaker, while Vilnius is 0-1, -12. If Lulea beats Vilnius, Liepāja is in.

Kibirkštis Vilnius: record 3-2
There are two solutions for the Lithuanian club to qualify: 1) a win over Lulea Basket or 2) two losses by Al Riyadi and a loss by 12 or less points against Lulea.

A three way tie-breaker with Beirut and Liepāja is not working for the Lithuanians even if Liepāja and Beirut lose all games: Al Riyadi is 1-1, +8; Liepāja is 1-1, +2 and Vilnius 1-1, -10.

Lulea Basket
: record 2-2
The Swedes need one win to qualify. It doesn`t matter against who. Everything else they need – one win from Al Riyadi.

In case of a three way tie-breaker between them, Al Riyadi and Vilnius, Lulea needs a +13 success over Kibirkštis. Current situation – Al Riyadi is 1-1, +21; Vilnius 1-0, +2 and Lulea 0-1, -23.

FSG Royal Eagles: record 0-4
It`s win or die for the Eagles on Saturday in the battle for the Top 6 finish.

Horizont Minsk region: record 0-4
Want to finish in the Top 6? Beat the Eagles.

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