Dynamo Moscow keeps hope alive

Dynamo Moscow keeps hope alive

Dynamo Moscow won the battle against Tsmoki Minsk 81-68 to maintain a hope to qualify for the EEWBL playoffs. TTT Riga beat Pieštanske Čajky 62-43 to secure the first place in Group B.

Players of the game
Lindsay Wilson shined bright for the Blue-Whites, finishing the game with 21 points on 8/12 shooting from the field. She grabbed three rebounds and dished a team high five assists.

Albina Razheva posted another memorable performance. She had 20 points and six rebounds in just 25;28 minutes of action. Razheva was fouled out eventually.

Ekaterina Riabova also scored in double figures. She added 11 points.

Viktoryia Hasper was the most efficient player on court but it wasn`t enough for the Dragons. Center posted 22 points and eight rebounds for a efficiency rating 26.

Kai Afi James scored 15 points and took seven boards while Ala Murauskaya dished nine assists.

Key stats
Dynamo Moscow forced 21 turnovers and scored 25 points in fast breaks, while Tsmoki Minsk had six points in fast breaks.

The Dragons won the battle of rebounds (31-40, offensive rebounds 6-15) and scored more second chance points (5-13).

Group B

Astana Tigers – Udominate Basket 45:67
Boxscore http://eewbl.eu/game/4075021/

Dynamo Moscow – Tsmoki Minsk 81:68
Boxscore http://eewbl.eu/game/4075013/

Piestanske Cajky – TTT Rīga 43:62
Boxscore http://eewbl.eu/game/4075023/

Samsun Canik – Hoptrans Sirenos 28:114
Boxscore http://www.fibalivestats.com/u/EYBL/805181/

BEST PLAYERS, presented by “Fiskars”
Astana Tigers: Anastasia Alishauskaite, 13 points, six rebounds, two steals, eff 12
Udominate Basket: Sandra Hansson, 10 points, one rebound, two assists, four steals, eff 11

Dynamo Moscow: Lindsay Allen, 21 points, three rebounds, five assists, eff 19
Tsmoki Minsk: Viktoryia Hasper, 22 points, eight rebounds, one assist, four steals, eff 26

Piestanske Cajky: Jenna Smith, 11 points, six rebounds, one assist, two steals, eff 18
TTT Rīga: Azania Stewart, eight points, six rebounds, five assists, three steals, eff 19

Samsun Canik: Meric Burcak, eight points, one assist, one forced foul
Hoptrans Sirenos: Gabija Segzdaite, 33 points, 14 rebounds, five assists, seven steals, eff 51

STANDINGS, as of January 13
Group B

TTT Rīga 6-0 (+119)
Udominate Basket 5-1 (+44)
Piestanske Cajky 4-2 (+86)
Dynamo Moscow 3-3 (-5)
Tsmoki Minsk 2-4 (-30)
Hoptrans Sirenos 2-4 (+54)
Astana Tigers 1-5 (-69)
Samsun Canik 1-5 (-199)

Stage III

January 13-14, Kaunas, Lithuania – Group B
Dynamo Moscow, Hoptrans Sirenos, Samsun Canik, Tsmoki Minsk

January 13-14, Riga, Latvia – Group B
Astana Tigers, Piestanske Cajky, TTT Rīga, Udominate Basket

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