Draw results and video

Draw results and video

The draw for the 2017 Eastern European Women`s basketball league season is completed.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbSgr0Zq2po

Before the draw, six teams from the last season were split into Groups A and B, according to their 2016 results.

Group A:

  1. TTT Rīga (1st place)
  2. Tsmoki Minsk (4th place)
  3. Kibirkštis Vilnius (5th place)


Group B:

  1. Basket Gdynia (2nd place)
  2. Astana Tigers (3rd place)
  3. Horizont Minsk Region (6th place)


Due to the geographical principle – there will be no group with two teams from one country – AZS UMCS Lublin went to group A, while Vega 1/Liepāja went to group B.

The remaining four teams – Good Angels Kosice, Dynamo Moscow, Istanbul University, Avangard Kyiv – were seeded in one seed. The first and third team were drawn in the group A, while the second and fourth team were drawn in the group B.

Twelve teams from nine countries were drawn in two groups.

Draw results

Group A Group B
TTT Rīga Basket Gdynia
Tsmoki Minsk Astana Tigers
Kibirkštis Vilnius Horizont Minsk
AZS UMCS Lublin Vega 1/Liepāja
Avangard Kyiv Istanbul University
Good Angels Dynamo Moscow