Dickey`s stunner puts SBŠ Ostrava one step from the playoffs

Dickey`s stunner puts SBŠ Ostrava one step from the playoffs

Sara Dickey hit a game winning three pointer with 1,2 seconds left to lift SBŠ Ostrava over Kibirkštis MRU 71-69 on Saturday, January 18, at Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Players of the game

Sara Dickey converted a game winning pass from Eilidh Simpson to finish the game with 15 points on 6-of-11 shooting from the field.

She had seven rebounds and three assists as well for a efficiency rating of 17.

Eilidh Simpson led all scorers with 19 points on 7-of-14 shooting from the field. British international contributed with five assists and four rebounds for a efficiency rating of 20.

Shelby Cloninger and Nevena Markovič scored 14 points each.

Gabriele Sulske replied with 17 points, including two free throws with 34 seconds left. Guard grabbed four rebounds too.

Klaudija Serkeviciute scored 15 points on 6-of-12 shooting for a effieciency rating of 14.

Daugile Šarauskaite registered a double-double before she was fouled out. Center had 13 points and 11 rebounds.


Key stats

Ostrava starters – Cloninger, Dickey, Grbič, Markovič, Simpson – connected 10-of-24 three point attempts and combined for a 68 points.

Eilidh Simpson scored five consecutive points in the clutch time to cut the gap to a single point 66-67.

Egle Zabotkaite missed three pointer and Shelby Cloninger put Ostrava ahead with 42 seconds to go 68-67.

Gabriele Sulske was fouled by Cloninger and didn`t missed 68-69 with 34 seconds left.

Ostrava players grabbed some offensive rebounds including the one by Anna Pavlicova. She passed the ball outside where Simpson forwarded it to Dickey for a game winning shot 71-69.

SBŠ Ostrava need one more win tomorrow to qualify for the playoffs.


Play-offs picture, as of January 17

Žabiny Brno – SBŠ Ostrava (not there yet)

Pieštanske Čajky – Rostov Don SFEDU

Nika Syktyvkar – Tsmoki Minsk

Orange Lions – Dynamo Novosibirsk



Group B

Olimpia Grodno – Young Angels 50:57

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/5089481/


Kibirkštis MRU – SBŠ Ostrava 69:71

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/5089483/


STANDINGS, as of January 18

Group B

Dynamo Novosibirsk 6-1 (+155) Qualified

Tsmoki Minsk 6-1 (+76) Qualified

Rostov Don SFEDU 5-2 (+74) Qualified

SBŠ Ostrava 3-3 (-25)

Young Angels Košice 3-3 (-13)

Kibirkštis MRU 2-4 (-27)

Astana Tigers 1-6 (-109)

Olimpia Grodno 0-6 (-131)



SBŠ Ostrava (2-0, +6), Young Angels Košice (0-1, -4), Kibirkštis MRU (0-1, -2)


SCHEDULE (arrival day included)

Third stage

January 7-9, Saulkrasti, Latvia: Dynamo Moscow, Horizont, PINKK Pecsi 424, Nika Syktyvkar

January 9-11,Liepāja: Liepāja/LSSS, Žabiny Brno, Pieštanske Cajky, Orange Lions

January 15-17, Novosibirsk: Tsmoki Minsk, Rostov Don, Astana Tigers, Dynamo Novosibirsk

January 17-19, Vilnius: Olimpia Grodno, Young Angels, SBŠ Ostrava, Kibirkštis


Playoffs: January 20 – March 1, 2020; best-of-two

A1 – B4, A2 – B3, B2 – A3, B1 – A4

Final Four: March 21-22


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