Dashkevich beats the buzzer, Grodno takes the last ticket in Group A

Dashkevich beats the buzzer, Grodno takes the last ticket in Group A

Natallia Dashkevich grabbed offensive rebound and scored buzzer-beater game winner to lift Olimpia Grodno over PINKK Pecsi 424 for a 80-78 win on Sunday, January 6, at the Angels Arena in Košice, Slovakia.


Players of the game

Natallia Dashkevich scored the last eight points for Olimpia Grodno, including the game winner, in a span of 02:37 minutes.

Dashkevich registered a game high 22 points on 6-of-11 shooting from the field and 90% precision from the free throw line (9/10).

She added seven rebounds, two assists and one blocked shot for a game high efficiency rating of 24.

Aryna Masko also provided constant threat in offense. She got 17 points on 7-of-15 shooting from the field. Masko added eight rebounds and four assists.

Volha Kapylova scored 16 points before she was fouled out.

Jovana Markovic posted 15 points and eight rebounds for PINKK Pecsi 424. Petra Santa had 15 points and six assists.


Key stats

Olimpia Grodno led by 12 points early in the fourth quarter 61-49 but allowed 29 points the rest of the way.

Nadzeya Nadzezhka committed a unsportsmanlike foul on Jovana Markovic with 15 seconds left in regulation.

Jovana Markovic after a timeout made the second free throw and finished the ball possession with a game tying two pointer 78-78.

Olimpia Grodno called a timeout and Dashkevich scored second chance points after she missed a two point attempt.

Grodno scored 22 second chance points opposite to 10 points by Pecs.

Olimpia starting five players combined for a 70 points.

Grodno win eliminated playoff hopes for the Young Angels Košice. Olimpia will face TTT Riga in the quarterfinals.



Group A

Astana Tigers – Tsmoki Minsk 49:68

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/4403665/


Young Angels Košice – Olimpia Grodno 67:78

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/4450861/


Rostov Don SFEDU – SBŠ Ostrava 86:75

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/4403667/


PINKK Pecsi 424 – A3 Basket Umea 42:85

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/4450863/


Tsmoki Minsk – Rostov Don SFEDU 67:66

Live stats http://www.fibalivestats.com/u/EYBL/1049402/


Olimpia Grodno – PINKK Pecsi 80:78

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/4450865/


STANDINGS, as of January 6, CET 16:00

Group A

Tsmoki Minsk 7-0 (+90) Qualified

A3 Basket Umea 5-1 (+115) Qualified

Rostov Don SFEDU 5-2 (+38) Qualified

Olimpia Grodno 4-3 (+10) Qualified

Young Angels Košice 3-3 (-24)

Astana Tigers 2-5 (-25)

SBŠ Ostrava 1-6 (-116)

PINKK Pecsi 0-7 (-88)



A3 Basket vs Rostov Don (1-0, +13)

Olimpia Grodno vs Young Angels Košice (1-0, +11)

Astana Tigers vs Ostrava SBŠ (1-0, +19)


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