A3 Basket Umea go 3-0 in Grodno, Rostov “panthers” start strong

A3 Basket Umea go 3-0 in Grodno, Rostov “panthers” start strong

Swedish vice champions A3 Basket Umea came out victorious in a Group A action in the western Belarus city of Grodno, scoring wins against Astana Tigers, Rostov Don SFEDU and Olimpia Grodno.

The club from Umea had amazing debut season in the EWBL and made it to the Final Four after amazing last seconds win against Lulea Basket (173-172). Tiffany Brown (Georgia Southern) set the new scoring record, finishing the showdown with 40 points.

This year Umea fields another strong team and with a 3-0 win and loss ratio is close to the second consecutive play-off appearance.

A3 Basket opened campaign with a 68-56 success against Astana Tigers. Five players – Abygail Asoro, Ama Degbeon (Florida State/Germany), Alyssa Lawrence (University of Massachusetts), Tiffany Brown and Tayler Mingo (Wright State) – scored in double figures.

The next day arrived with 40 minutes battle against Rostov Don SFEDU. The Panthers led by seven points before the final 10 minutes but A3 Basket finished the game with a 30-10 run to clinch a 82-69 victory!

Umea won thanks to strong inside game (rebounds 42-34, free throws 26/34 against 16/22) and balanced scoring. Brown and Lawrence scored 17 points, while Swedish ace Asoro and German double-double maker Degbeon added 14 points each.

A3 Basket had another impressive shooting day on Sunday, posting 91 points against the hosts, Grodno Olimpia 91-74. Degbeon, Lawrence and Brown scored in double figures for the third consecutive day. Lawrence had 26 points on 13-of-14 shooting from the field!

Rostov Don SFEDU netted two victories. The Panthers from the Southern Federal University beat Olimpia Grodno 88-74 and Astana Tigers 66-61. The hosts took the third place after a 64-46 win against Astana.



Group A

Astana Tigers – A3 Basket Umea 56:68

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/4257443/


Olimpia Grodno – Rostov Don 74:88

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/4257445/


Rostov Don – A3 Basket Umea 69:82

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/4257447/


Olimpia Grodno – Astana Tigers 64:46

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/4257449/


Astana Tigers – Rostov Don 61:66

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/4257451/


A3 Basket Umea – Olimpia Grodno 91:74

Boxscore http://ewbl.eu/game/4257453/




Astana Tigers: Anna Vinokurova, 12 points, four rebounds, two steals, eff 11

A3 Basket Umea: Abigail Asoro, 13 points, eight rebounds, two assists, eff 13


Olimpia Grodno: Volha Kapylova, 24 points, 14 rebounds, three assists, eff 28

Rostov Don: Eleonora Oleynikova, 21 points, two rebounds, six assists, eff 24


Rostov Don: Anastasiia Maksimova, 15 points, four rebounds, five assists, eff 19

A3 Basket Umea: Ama Degbeon, 14 points, 10 rebounds, three assists, two steals, eff 23


Olimpia Grodno: Natallia Dashkevich, 12 points, six rebounds, two assists, eff 9

Astana Tigers: Zalina Kurazova, three points, six rebounds, three assists, eff 7


Astana Tigers: Tamara Yagodkina, 20 points, three rebounds, three assists, two steals, eff 18

Rostov Don: Alexandra Kirina, 12 points, six rebounds, one assist, eff 12


A3 Basket Umea: Alyssa Lawrence, 26 points, 15 rebounds, three steals, four blocks, eff 46

Olimpia Grodno: Nadzeya Nadzezhka, five points, three rebounds, one assist, two steals, eff 2


STANDINGS, as of October 7

Group A

A3 Basket Umea 3-0 (+42)

Tsmoki Minsk 3-0 (+35)

Rostov Don SFEDU 2-1 (+6)

Young Angels Košice 2-1 (-10)

SBŠ Ostrava 1-2 (-11)

Olimpia Grodno 1-2 (-13)

PINKK Pecsi 0-3 (-14)

Astana Tigers 0-3 (-35)



Group A: December 1-2, Minsk, Belarus

A3 Basket Umea, Tsmoki Minsk, SBŠ Ostrava, Olimpia Grodno


Group A: December 1-2, Rostov on Don, Russia

Rostov-Don-SFEDU, Young Angels, Astana Tigers, PINKK Pecsi 424


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